Very Important Post: Please Read, ChooseYA is moving

So, after a long think and that uncomfortable feeling I wouldn’t do something if I didn’t do it now, I’ve moved to I’m currently in the process of sorting out the domain name move, but as you will notice this site is now going to be and in the next week or so I’m planning on hiding it (I’ll keep the blog in case I want to move back though. ) and will redirect to the new shiny ChooseYA.

This means that wordpress.COM subscribers and current email followers may be affected (RSS/Feedburner will be fine) and I need you to move over to email subscribing with feed burner on the new site if you wish, which I deeply hope you will, to continue to follow ChooseYA. I am looking into migrating the rest of you over if I can, but it may take some time, so please bear with me.

I really appreciate all your support (Daphne from Winged Reviews needs a shout out for all her advice and support as I panicked) in this time and hope this move is just a sign of ChooseYA’s great year ahead.



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