2013 Book Challenges

In 2013 I am planning on taking part in several book challenges once again. This page contains information about which ones I am planning to take part in and the books I expect to read for it (though that is likely to change a few times!).

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This is hosted by the lovely Feeling Fictional this year. Here is my preliminary list of the books I am hoping to read in order to participate in this challenge with – I checked the UKYA list on goodreads for 2013 (trust me when I say there are so many good books coming out in 2013!) as well as some older books I’ve been recommended and hope to read next year. Books with a * indicate books I already have ready to read.

1. Fallen Grace-Mary Hooper
2. Siege- Sarah Mussi
3. Night School: Legacy- C J Daughtery
4. A Witch Alone-Ruth Warburton
5. Dead Romantic- C J Skuse
6. Cruel Summer- James Dawson
7. Acid- Emma Pass
8. By Any Other Name- Laura Jarratt
9. Geek Girl- Holly Smale *
10. Hidden Among Us-Katy Moran *
11. What Not To Do In The Dark- Diane Messidoro
12. The Oathbreaker’s Shadow- Amy McCulloch
13. Half Lives- Sara Grants
14. Fractured- Teri Terry
15. Infinite Sky – C J Flood
16. The Disappeared- C J Harper
17. Drowning- Rachel Ward
18. Witch Tower- Victoria Lamb



This is hosted by Hobbitsies this year. I’m not sure what I’ll read for it, but here’s my wishlist of sorts.

1. Level 2 – Lenore Applehans
2. The Oathbreaker’s Shadow- Amy McCulloch
3.  Broken – A E Rought *
4. If You Find Me- Emily Murdoch
5. Nobody But Us- Kristin Halbrook *
6. Bruised- Sarah Skilton
7. The Disappeared- C J Harper
8. Soulmates- Holly Bourne
9. Me, Him, Them and It- Caela Carter
10. Infinite Sky- C J Flood
11. Premeditated- Joisin L McQueen
12. Splintered- A G Howard


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